Saturday, 30 March 2013

snap - urday #6: I'm the hero of this story don't need to be saved

I am soo tired, it's taking all of my energy just to keep my eyes open to write this post!  Please forgive how awfully written this is going to be, as soon as I've finished it I'm going straight to sleep.

This morning I picked up my new glasses from Scrivens. For two years I've been wearing the wrong prescription so when I put my new ones on today it actually felt like I was seeing for the first time! It feels so nice being comfortable and being able to see clearly for a change, I also really like the frames and think they suit my face.

Today has been a really family oriented day. We headed to Vue cinema in the afternoon and then for a meal in Bella Italia. We watched Jack the Giant Sayer which is such a good movie, I honesty can't recommend it enough. I'm not a fan of the remade fairy tales and have not fancied watching a singe one but this film was so good. Perhaps it was because it contained some brilliant stars (Nicholas Hoult, Stanley Tucci, Bill Nighy to name just three) or because I fell so completely in love with Jack (Hoult) or because I really enjoyed the plot and the ending, whatever it was this movie left a good impression on me. 10/10! The meal was pretty yummy too. In fact that's a massive understatement. The food was gorgeous and I did not want to stop eating even when I was full to the brim! 

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it as I'll be popping round to my boyfriends and all of his wonderful family are going to be there so I'm definitely going to be having a fun filled day with that crazy lot! 

Hope every one had a lovely Saturday! What are your plans for Easter Sunday?

Title Song | Regina Spektor - Hero

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