Saturday, 30 March 2013

snap - urday #6: I'm the hero of this story don't need to be saved

I am soo tired, it's taking all of my energy just to keep my eyes open to write this post!  Please forgive how awfully written this is going to be, as soon as I've finished it I'm going straight to sleep.

This morning I picked up my new glasses from Scrivens. For two years I've been wearing the wrong prescription so when I put my new ones on today it actually felt like I was seeing for the first time! It feels so nice being comfortable and being able to see clearly for a change, I also really like the frames and think they suit my face.

Today has been a really family oriented day. We headed to Vue cinema in the afternoon and then for a meal in Bella Italia. We watched Jack the Giant Sayer which is such a good movie, I honesty can't recommend it enough. I'm not a fan of the remade fairy tales and have not fancied watching a singe one but this film was so good. Perhaps it was because it contained some brilliant stars (Nicholas Hoult, Stanley Tucci, Bill Nighy to name just three) or because I fell so completely in love with Jack (Hoult) or because I really enjoyed the plot and the ending, whatever it was this movie left a good impression on me. 10/10! The meal was pretty yummy too. In fact that's a massive understatement. The food was gorgeous and I did not want to stop eating even when I was full to the brim! 

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it as I'll be popping round to my boyfriends and all of his wonderful family are going to be there so I'm definitely going to be having a fun filled day with that crazy lot! 

Hope every one had a lovely Saturday! What are your plans for Easter Sunday?

Title Song | Regina Spektor - Hero

Friday, 29 March 2013

I was different then I don't need them to be cool

Last Friday I got my hair cut off. I would have put pictures up of it sooner but I wanted to dye it first (which I did yesterday) before I showed it off. My hair was quite long, past my boobs, before I got the chop and now I'd say its really quite short but I love it! Most people prefer long hair and when I tell people I'm going to get all mine cut off their reaction is usually "nooo your lovely long hair!" but it's my opinion that matters and I find short hair so much easier to deal with and just all in all prefer it on me.

I don't do a lot with my hair, I'm no good at styling it so I'm not going to get annoyed about not being able to do anything with my hair now it's short and my new do' is saving me a good fifteen minutes when it comes to getting ready in the morning, good news for the lazy side of me!

I took the photos on my webcam so please ignore how awful the lighting is and how edited the pictures look, it's not a very good webcam. I just wanted to quickly snap some so I could get this post up before Easter weekend but there will better pictures when I upload more posts later on.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Jar of Love; DIY gift

For my boyfriends 21st, as well as presents I wanted to make him something sentimental as 21 is a really special birthday. Back in February many bloggers posted about Valentines gift ideas and it was on Bambella's post (which you can find here if your interested) that I got the idea for this little 'Jar of Love'. She said she'd made her boyfriend one and I thought it would be a wonderful little gift for Adam on this special occasion.

what you will need: 

As it was his 21st, I decided to write 21 little notes to place inside (obviously when you're making your own you can put as many as you want in) and the notes consisted of all different things; things I love about him, special memories, my favourite poem, lyrics etc. I wrote the notes on a piece of paper, and folded them in to all sized pieces and placed them inside the jar. 
I then filled the jar with sweets and miniature chocolates; Love Hearts to continue the love theme and because they smell gorgeous, Star Burst because Adam likes them and as they are in wrappers they can be kept for as long as you want and chocolates from a box of Heroes because Adam is addicted to chocolate! 

The idea is that whenever he's feeling down or just wants a snack, he puts his hand in the jar gets a treat and a little note that will make him smile. It is such a simple creation, so cheap and incredibly thoughtful and I think just about anyone would love to receive a 'Jar of Love'.  It was fun to make and so so cheap, this whole thing cost me about £5 and it was one of Adam's favourite presents.

  • Remember who the Jar is for. I could have brought a more expensive and prettier actual jar but as it was for a boy I thought this plain one was best. Not too girly so when every things ran out he can use the jar for other things!

  • Be as creative as you want with the notes! Adams favourite band is Queen so I wrote him a letter filled with Queen song titles - he loved it! The more personal, the better.

  • Only use sweets, or chocolates that will not spoil.

Has any one made anything like this for a gift? Does anyone have any other sweet, simple and sentimental DIY gift ideas? 

Monday, 11 March 2013

from Rebecca with love

Dear Adam,

4 years ago you were the older boy I perved on in school, whom I kept an eye out for in the corridors because your beautiful face put a little smile on mine, the boy who I told my friends I thought was the fittest boy in our school. 

Today you're my boyfriend, my best friend, my inspiration and my hero. You push me to do things I'm too scared to do, hold my hand through every tough day and hold my chin up for me when I'm too sad to hold up my own. For everything you do for me, thank you. I just hope I return the favour sometimes.

You are a wonderful person and I'm so lucky that you're my boyfriend. I literally have to pinch myself some times because I don't believe that you're with me. But I'm so glad you are. You make me so so happy ever day and I wish I was better with words so I could really explain to you how much I love you and how perfect you are.

You are hilarious and we have so much fun together. My favourite thing in the world is knowing that that's always going to be the case.

"I'll love you today, tomorrow and more. 
I'll love you always, small ways and all. 
From the moon up high to the ground below, 
your my one and my only and I'll never let go."

Happy birthday beautiful!
I love you x

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Charles Worthington hair product reviews

So I'm not sure what made me pick these two products up when I was in boots - maybe I'd read a review about them online or something - but whatever drew me to the Charles Worthington range on that visit, I'm really grateful that it did! 

These two products are fast becoming two of my favourite ever hair products. I don't use them every day. The Shine booster I use before a night out or on a special occasion and the Big Bounce Spray I use on nights out or when my hair is particularly limp and lifeless. I've had them since January and I've still got quite a lot of product left in each bottle so I think they are really good value for money. And, most importantly, they work!

£8.66  at Boots

The first time I used the Shine Booster, as soon as I'd dried, brushed and straightened my hair I got compliments from all my house mates on just how shiny my hair was! Now, I will admit that on this occasion I actually couldn't see any difference in my hair myself, but the praise from my friends made me give it another go and this time I really could see that my hair was so much shinier and looked so much healthier then it had before. 

To use I smear the product all over my hair before my shower and leave it on for 20 - 30 minutes. In the shower I then just wash it off and shampoo and condition as normal.

Charles Worthington Volume Big Bounce Spray
now on offer for £3.46 at boots
Volume is something I'm lacking in my hair. It's so thin and quite long, it just sticks to my head and can look pretty crap. Hair is important for me and when my hairs not looking good I feel really self concious and ugly. I've bought so many volumising products that I just feel have really not done a fat lot of good. Until this one. This is probably the new love of my life and I will repurchase and repurchase. I can't imagine not having it to hand to sort out my lifeless hair. My flat mate also has the same problem as me with flat hair and when I let her in on my new secret weapon she too fell in love with it and has purchased her own! I love this product and can honestly not fault it!

To use I lift up the top layer of my hair, spray into my roots, give my hair a quick backcomb and viola! Volume! 

Thank you Charles Worthington for these two great products! Has anyone else used these? What do you think? Any other CW products you recommend? 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

snap - urday #5: There's a war in my heart getting tired of fighting

 Foundation | MAC Face and Body Bronzer | Benefit Hoola Powder | Calvin Klein Pressed Powder in Camal
 Eyebrows | Natural Collection duo eye shadow in Mocha/Latte  Mascara | Soap and Glory Thick and Fast
Lipstick | MUA shade 2
Shirt | vintage via eBay
Levi's | Cow 
This post is my first ever face of the day! Nothing special, I'm really not very gifted when it comes to make up, but this is my every day look that I go for. I like it because it looks quite natural apart from the lips, which is a look I really like, and its simple and quick to do. Takes me about 20 minutes to get ready in the mornings which is perfect as it means I can roll out of bed as late as possible :)

So this weekend has been pretty meh. I've been so tired. Friday night I didn't sleep at all. I'm trying so hard to sort my sleeping pattern out and I thought having no sleep for 24 hours would result in an early night on Saturday and thus an early morning on Sunday. I was wrong. Whilst I was tired all day Saturday I didn't manage to get to sleep until midnight (early for me but not what I was hoping for) and didn't wake up until half 1! Which meant the plans me and my boyfriend had for visiting Oystermouth Castle went out the window. Hopefully if the weathers nice on Wednesday we'll go then instead. 

On Saturday I had a pretty productive morning, I tidied my room, took photos for a few upcoming blog posts, sorted some things out for Adam's birthday and actually made an effort with my hair, make up and outfit! Me and Adam then went to the Diner I mentioned in this valentines post (our new favourite place to eat), had a pretty huge and filling meal and shuffled back to mine to watch some football. We was both too tired to do anything else so just stayed snuggled in bed listening to my favourite songs (I was being selfish and hogging YouTube).

Today is shaping up to be pretty boring. I'm Skyping my family tonight so I'm really looking forward to that but until then I'm just going to be bored and lonely. All of my friends are either busy with work or at home for the weekend and Adam is playing football. 

This was a pretty moany post but I'm so fed up of being too tired to enjoy things. I just am so desperate to sort my sleeping pattern out and hopefully this month will be the month I finally do it! If anyone has any suggestions please please please let me know!

Also, I'm sorry for the dodgy face photo. I feel so uncomfortable taking photos of my self, I'm really not used to it! The quality of the outfit snap isn't the best either as I had to take it on my iPhone as I've left my camera charger back home in Birmingham.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

while five years ago I weeped and no one knew

A good friend posted this song on Facebook last night and I fell in love with it. It's so beautiful. After a long night of YouTube-ing other songs by this band I learnt it's not only this song that is bewitching but all of them and I'm sure my March will be full of the encapsulating sound of Youth Lagoon. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as me and I hope you go on to YouTube their other songs, they are all so worth a listen!

Youth Lagoon - July

What do you think?