Sunday, 3 March 2013

snap - urday #5: There's a war in my heart getting tired of fighting

 Foundation | MAC Face and Body Bronzer | Benefit Hoola Powder | Calvin Klein Pressed Powder in Camal
 Eyebrows | Natural Collection duo eye shadow in Mocha/Latte  Mascara | Soap and Glory Thick and Fast
Lipstick | MUA shade 2
Shirt | vintage via eBay
Levi's | Cow 
This post is my first ever face of the day! Nothing special, I'm really not very gifted when it comes to make up, but this is my every day look that I go for. I like it because it looks quite natural apart from the lips, which is a look I really like, and its simple and quick to do. Takes me about 20 minutes to get ready in the mornings which is perfect as it means I can roll out of bed as late as possible :)

So this weekend has been pretty meh. I've been so tired. Friday night I didn't sleep at all. I'm trying so hard to sort my sleeping pattern out and I thought having no sleep for 24 hours would result in an early night on Saturday and thus an early morning on Sunday. I was wrong. Whilst I was tired all day Saturday I didn't manage to get to sleep until midnight (early for me but not what I was hoping for) and didn't wake up until half 1! Which meant the plans me and my boyfriend had for visiting Oystermouth Castle went out the window. Hopefully if the weathers nice on Wednesday we'll go then instead. 

On Saturday I had a pretty productive morning, I tidied my room, took photos for a few upcoming blog posts, sorted some things out for Adam's birthday and actually made an effort with my hair, make up and outfit! Me and Adam then went to the Diner I mentioned in this valentines post (our new favourite place to eat), had a pretty huge and filling meal and shuffled back to mine to watch some football. We was both too tired to do anything else so just stayed snuggled in bed listening to my favourite songs (I was being selfish and hogging YouTube).

Today is shaping up to be pretty boring. I'm Skyping my family tonight so I'm really looking forward to that but until then I'm just going to be bored and lonely. All of my friends are either busy with work or at home for the weekend and Adam is playing football. 

This was a pretty moany post but I'm so fed up of being too tired to enjoy things. I just am so desperate to sort my sleeping pattern out and hopefully this month will be the month I finally do it! If anyone has any suggestions please please please let me know!

Also, I'm sorry for the dodgy face photo. I feel so uncomfortable taking photos of my self, I'm really not used to it! The quality of the outfit snap isn't the best either as I had to take it on my iPhone as I've left my camera charger back home in Birmingham.


  1. Your so pretty!
    You have such a great blog, I've just followed you :)
    Samantha xo

    1. Aw thanks so much :) and thanks a lot for following! xx

  2. I've nominated you for the Liebster award :) The rules are on my blog! xxx

  3. you are so beautiful, omg <33

  4. You totally look like Miranda Kerr here, omg! xx

    1. That might be the nicest compliment I've ever received haha, thank you! xx


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