Friday, 24 February 2012


In September I'm going to be turning 20.. gahhh! 

I really cannot believe I'm going to be so old! I remember being about 7 and playing moms and dads and I'd always be 20 with like 3 children haha, back then 20 felt like such a grown up age when you should have your life sorted and be responsible (and a mom apparently lol) but that is so not the case! I'm still ringing my mom from uni asking how long meat takes to defrost or whether something will be alright in the microwave! 

I know 20's not old at all really but I look about 14 and can be pretty immature and naive so I really just don't feel ready to be a proper adult. I personally think that turning 20 is more of a big deal than turning 21 as it's the first time your no longer a teenager so I decided to do a list of  '20 things to do before I'm 20', just so I know I haven't wasted my childhood and teenage years.

So, here's my list! 

1.  get a position in the Egypt museum on campus
2.  go to Italy

3.  pass my first year of university

4.  sort out a house for year 2

5.  lose weight and get fit

6.  eat properly and healthily

7.  sort out my awful sleeping pattern

8.  increase self confidence

9.  regularly blog

10.explore all of Swansea

11. learn to be happy with how I look

12. teach myself how to read Egyptian hieroglyphs

13. take lots more photos

14. finally start a scrapbook

15. read more books for fun

16. control spending :\

17. get a tattoo

18. take more midnight strolls along the beach with my boyfriend

19. stay overnight in London

20. learn to be more laid back!

A couple of days before my birthday I'll be posting the list again to see how many I actually managed to achieve!

R x

P.S - I'm not sure if blogger lets you know I've replied to your comments, but I do reply to every comment I get as it means so much to me :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Oh it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you

As I mentioned in my last post, for Valentines day me and my boyfriend went to London. We didn't actually go on the 14th though, we went on the 16th as that was exactly 2 years to the day he first took me to London for our first Valentines day together. I know going to London is a bit common for couples to do on Valentines day but it was so perfect for us as that day was probably when I really started loving my boyfriend and to celebrate it two years later in the same place was just so romantic and perfect.

I love London, it's my favourite place in the world. I've been to some absolutely gorgeous cities like Barcelona, Athens and Valletta but London is still my favourite. It's not just the beautiful sites, amazing attractions and fascinating history that I love about it though it's the way it makes me feel. I just feel so happy and like I have no troubles or problems and like nothing else exists. London is such a busy, bustling city but I feel like it's just me, my boyfriend and London when I'm there, like the whole world and everyone in it disappears. I don't know if I'm really explaining it very well, but that's how it makes me feel and that's why I love it so much.  

So anyway, we set out for London at half 3 in the morning (when my flatmates were just rolling in from a night out) and got there at about 10 am. The first place we went to was the Imperial War Museum. Both me and my boyfriend, Adam, are massive history geeks but Wars not really my kind of thing. I'm actually clueless about most things (apart from the obvious stuff that everyone knows) and am too ashamed to repeat some of the ridiculous questions I asked Adam whilst watching Band of Brothers and The Pacific, but I really enjoyed this museum. Seeing actual tanks, guns, mines and other things actually used in the War was fascinating. Being able to touch the seat where Montgomery sat when manning a tank was just really cool and I learnt some really interesting information. We got to experience what it was like in the Blitz and in the Trenches too which was good. Of course, wars not a happy thing and there was sad parts of the museum especially the Holocaust Exhibition which was really emotional but I guess its important to really understand and never forget the atrocities that happened to those poor people during World War II. We stayed at the IWM for a good three hours and I really enjoyed myself. It's free and easy to get to being right next to Lambeth North Underground and is somewhere I'd definitely recommend visiting!
The Imperial War Museum

Next we headed to Portabello. Ate lunch at McDonald's (poor students, couldn't afford anything fancy so had a good old Maccy Dees) and walked down to Portabello Market. I love it there and just wanted to buy everything on sale! Found The Hummingbird Bakery that Kate Louise went to on her trip to London and brought some cupcakes, they were gorgeous!!

Cupcakes from The Hummingbird Bakery

Beautiful shop full of beautiful vintage pieces

Selection of gorgeous tins on sale that I need!

From one market to the next, we headed to Camden for a look around and a crepe. Every time I've been to London I've been to Camden, it's one of my favourite places. It's so beautiful, busy and diverse with stalls selling things from bags to candles to Egyptian ornaments. We only had about an hour before we had to get the coach back to Swansea once we'd finished in Camden so we took the tube to the Embankment as no trip to London is complete without seeing the Thames or Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. My all time favourite place in London and, at night time especially, the most beautiful place in the world in my opinion. I could stand on Jubilee Bridge and look out at St Paul's Cathedral or the Houses of Parliament all day long. It frustrates me seeing people walking past with their heads down not taking in the breathtaking views and taking for granted how beautiful a place London is!!


View from Jubilee Bridge

View from Jubilee Bridge of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

View from Jubilee Bridge of St. Paul's Cathedral

Sorry this post has been so wordy and a bit cheesy with me going on about loving London and my boyfriend all the way through it (and there is more to come haha) but this was a really special trip for me to a place I love with the boy I love exactly two years after I first fell in love with both and I just really wanted to write about it so years to come I can look back at this post and never forget how great a time I had :)

R x
*all photos taken by me

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Project Perfect

This post is basically a project started by Flaws and All (one of my favourite blogs) to promote self confidence about ones looks and body and appreciate all the good things about yourself. I think it's a fantastic idea and one worth giving a go!

I will admit, I find flaws in every single part of myself and there isn't a bit of me I like (or so I thought) so this post was really hard to do. Finding a picture I like of myself took so long! But, having done it I feel actually quite positive and I really do think that on the occasion I'm feeling particulary 'ugly' or 'fat' I'll be coming back to this post and reading the things I like about myself.

I can't put into words the idea of the Project as well as Amy from Flaws and All did, so go over to her blog and check it out (click here) but I will say that I am sitting here feeling a bit better about myself thanks to it so thank you Amy!

Here's my Project Perfect post:

A picture I like of myself:

I recently cut all my hair off (a drastic move considering it was fairly long and I'd been trying to grow it for aaaages, but one that needed doing thanks to all my split ends from dip dying my tips!) and I was so mortified at the end result, I really hated it! But this picture of me (the one closet to the camera) and my best friend changed my oppinion and now I think I prefer it to my long hair! I also like how fresh and good my skin looks, considering I'm not wearing a spot of make up!

3 things I dislike about myself, with a postive twist:

My mouth. I'm not a massive fan of my teeth and my lips are so dry and crack so easily! However, my boyfriend told me he fell in love with my smile :)

My body. I'm completly hung up on my body as I would love to be more toned but so many of friends compliment my figure and I know a lot of people who are naturally really thin tell me they love my curves and are envious of them.

My boobs. They are massive and I hate them! My boyriend loves them of course haha and I know there are so many females who feel really insecure about having small boobs and so go under the knife to have them bigger so having natural big boobs is not that bad.. who knows how I'd feel if they were small, Id probably still be moaning about them haha.

3 things I like about myself:

My legs. From playing football and running in my youth I've got nice, muscular toned and strong legs that get a lot of compliments.

My skin. I've only recently started wearing make up, probably in the last year or so and still don't wear it every day as I'm lucky to have good skin that doesn't really need covering up or concealing.

My hair. I love the colour and think it is in quite good condition.


So there you go :) my Project Perfect Post. It took a long time but has been utterly worth it for the confidence it's given me and, having here on my blog, I can always return to it when I'm feeling crap and need a pick up!

If you want to have a go at it, link it back to Amy from Flaws and All as she wants to read everyones!

R x