Friday, 24 February 2012


In September I'm going to be turning 20.. gahhh! 

I really cannot believe I'm going to be so old! I remember being about 7 and playing moms and dads and I'd always be 20 with like 3 children haha, back then 20 felt like such a grown up age when you should have your life sorted and be responsible (and a mom apparently lol) but that is so not the case! I'm still ringing my mom from uni asking how long meat takes to defrost or whether something will be alright in the microwave! 

I know 20's not old at all really but I look about 14 and can be pretty immature and naive so I really just don't feel ready to be a proper adult. I personally think that turning 20 is more of a big deal than turning 21 as it's the first time your no longer a teenager so I decided to do a list of  '20 things to do before I'm 20', just so I know I haven't wasted my childhood and teenage years.

So, here's my list! 

1.  get a position in the Egypt museum on campus
2.  go to Italy

3.  pass my first year of university

4.  sort out a house for year 2

5.  lose weight and get fit

6.  eat properly and healthily

7.  sort out my awful sleeping pattern

8.  increase self confidence

9.  regularly blog

10.explore all of Swansea

11. learn to be happy with how I look

12. teach myself how to read Egyptian hieroglyphs

13. take lots more photos

14. finally start a scrapbook

15. read more books for fun

16. control spending :\

17. get a tattoo

18. take more midnight strolls along the beach with my boyfriend

19. stay overnight in London

20. learn to be more laid back!

A couple of days before my birthday I'll be posting the list again to see how many I actually managed to achieve!

R x

P.S - I'm not sure if blogger lets you know I've replied to your comments, but I do reply to every comment I get as it means so much to me :)


  1. Go for number 17! a bad influence!

    1. haha I will be! Already know what I'm getting an everything, just saving the money now :)

      you've got a lovely blog! x

  2. So many of your 'to dos' are the same as mine, gd luck with them xx

    1. Let's hope we both manage them! thank you, good luck with yours too :) xx


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