Friday, 31 January 2014

weight loss journey: monthly round-up - #1

I’m fed up with my body and I want to do something about it. So I’m going to. I’m going to eat well and get some exercise. I used to be super sporty but now I’m so unfit it’s ridiculous, like “hello asthma attack whenever I get out of bed” unfit. And I have really put on some weight recently. I don’t feel comfortable in anything I own!

But what is the point in bitching about it? There is none. So I’m going to shut up and fix it. I know my boyfriend is fed of hearing me complain about something but doing nothing about it so I’m going to start doing something about. And I’m going to take you guys along with me, on my ‘weight loss journey’.

I feel it’s important to say that I really don’t think there is anything wrong with being ‘bigger’ or ‘skinny’ or ‘curvy’ or whatever and I’m not losing weight because I think being ‘fat’ is vile and only ‘skinny’ people are happy or bla bla bla because that is all absolute bullshit. ‘Thin’ or ‘fat’ or whatever, the most important thing is to be comfortable and confident in your body, not for other people but for you. If you feel happy in your body but someone happens to say “you’re too fat” or “you’re too skinny”, ignore them. Your body is about you and if you’re comfortable and happy that’s all that matters. The point is, I’m not comfortable or happy with my body. It slows me down physically and mentally and I just keep thinking “this is my body, why is it working against me!? Aren’t we meant to be a team?” But then I remember how bad I’ve treated it over the years and it’s really no wonder. I’m going to start treating my body right, getting it healthy and making it something I’m proud of and happy with and then I’ll be comfortable and happy and confident.

I am not happy, comfortable or confident because I am not healthy. For the past 21 years I have eaten and drank rubbish. I could (and sometimes do eek) get through a 2 litre bottle of coke a day and I have a really bad relationship with food, days go by with me hardly eating a thing and then I’ll get so hungry I just binge for a few days, then go back to not really feeling like eating… It’s pretty bad. Fortunately, despite me being the unhealthiest person ever I've not really seen or felt the dame. Despite drinking way too much sugar, the dentist has always been impressed with my teeth, I don’t normally have bad skin. Recently though my body has been trying to send me a message and I think I understand now. It’s trying to say “Hey, Becky. I’ve put up with this shit for long enough now. No more. GIVE ME A BREAK!”

My body has just been feeling so odd lately. My stomach’s been doing crazy things, my skins starting to look unhealthy and I’m just constantly feeling blurgh. I think because I’ve felt fine with the way I’ve been eating I’ve never really thought of the side effects that come from putting so much crap into my body but now I’m going to make a conscience effort to change my eating habits. I’m going to MAJORLY cut down on my coke (sigh, that’s going to be so hard.. it just tastes so friggin’ good!) drink at least a pint of water a day and make sure that I have dinner every day, even when I don’t feel hungry. Since becoming a vegetarian, the things I’m actually putting on to my plate are a lot healthier and so this year I’m going to expand on that and start treating my body, as the saying goes, like a temple. Do you hear that? That’s my body breathing a sigh of relief and screaming “FINALLY!”

I’m not going to write how much I weigh right now as I’d be a little embarrassed by it but every month I’m going to do a little blog weigh in where I say how much I’ve lost each month and how I’ve done with my eating/exercising. I also thought it might be fun/easier if other bloggers who are trying to lose weight get involved too and at the end of every month write a post about how your month has gone, what you found difficult/easy and any tips you want pass on. Losing weight is always easier if you’re doing it with others.

So let me know if anyone’s going to blog their own ‘weight loss journey’, I’d really love to read them! And good luck to anyone on a mission to lose weight.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

wanderlust on a wednesday #3: peru


|1, 2, 3, 4|

Population: 29.99 million
Language: Spanish
Currency: Nuevo Sol
Capital City: Lima

  • Guinea Pig is a traditional dish eaten in Peru.
  • Two - thirds of Peru is covered in prime Amazon Rain Forest.
  • It is tradition to give friends and family yellow underpants on New Years Eve.

Friday, 24 January 2014

today is the start of my 'new year'

Obviously it’s not actually but I’m seeing today as the start of 2014 and the start of my resolutions and everything. I’ve had a really stressful first few weeks of the year with an essay to hand in and an exam to revise for and going back and forth from Swansea, but now that’s all over I’m looking forward to a nice, calm couple of weeks (or as calm as it gets for a third year uni student!).

I know that this is no excuse, but with all the stress I’ve been under I just really could not be bothered with doing any of my New Year’s resolutions and on most days I have only left my room to visit the toilet or the kitchen, spending all my hours revising. But, now that’s all over I can officially start. And of course to start it off I’ve had a haircut. For me that’s a must haha, I can never start a new year or semester or period of my life without getting my hair at least trimmed. Weird, I know but I just feel that that signals the official start and it’s something I’ve felt ever since I started secondary school.

Anyway without further ado, here are my 2014 New Year resolutions:

- Drink more water/less fizzy pop.
- Eat better... way better.
- Spend my money wisely!
- Go for a bike ride/jog at least once a week.
- Stop procrastinating!!!
- Try to make a real go of my blog.
- Sort my skincare/hair care routine out.
- Visit a different country.
-  Study, study, study (blurgh L )
-  Push myself.
- Get some more experience in a primary school.

So, with my new hair and an upbeat attitude I’m leaping into 2014 and I’m hoping that this year is going to be the year I break out of my self and find the confidence and strength to go for everything I want and hopefully it’ll be the year I can finally say “yep, I’m happy with who/where/what I am.”

Happy (very belated) New Year everyone, I hope 2014 is a good one for us all J