Sunday, 19 August 2012

money money money

Over summer I've been working 8am - 5pm 5 days a week at a factory, as well as working as a waitress on the weekends, and while I feel like I've literally done nothing but work for the past 2 months, having all this money feels so good! But it's definitely a curse in disguise. Being a student, having a lot of money in my bank that isn't going to be taken out for rent or books is a rare occurrence and it has majorly gone to my head, I am just spend spend spending for the sake of it!

Take today for example. I popped into town to pick up a cleanser and some cotton wool pads and came out with: 2 cleansers, a facial scrub, body lotion, 4 x cotton wool pads, 3x lipsticks, a primer, a pressed powder, 2 x moisturisers, a liquid eye liner, the Sleek contour kit and the MUA heaven and earth pallet. I need NONE of these things. I have 2 pen eye liners, 2 liquid eye liners and a gel eye liner still with product left inside and lipsticks tend to look awful on my lips (hoping to try the LUSH bubblegum lip scrub to see if I can sort them out and get them lipstick ready!) and who needs 2 new moisturises!? I'm so annoyed that I just blew £50 on things I really didn't need. I wanted them, sure, but there are things I NEED that should definitely be a priority.

So, in a bid to stop my needless spending, I'm going on a mini spending ban until the 1st of September. I'm not going to buy anything unless I am in desperate need of it and that way I can put lots of my wages away for spending money in Italy! There are also a few items of clothing and things that I want but if I put off buying them then when my spending ban is lifted, if I still want them then I know it'll be worth the money.

I had to write this post because I know that if I didn't I would definitely not be doing this spending ban. I'm very weak willed unfortunately. Are any of you on spending bans? Does anyone do the same when they get paid? Anyone have any tips on how to save? I'm the worst saver ever!!!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

I find you pretty just the same

I've been stumbling across new bands/singers that I love a lot recently and thought I might include a few on my blog.

Last week I heard this playing in River Island, I jotted down the lyrics on my phone saving them in a draft, typed them into Google and found it. Here is Alisson Pierce from The Pierces as The Blood Red Rose and James Levy!

Beautiful song. Beautiful album these two have collaborated on also so if you like this, definitely check out their other stuff!

What do you guys think? 


Thursday, 16 August 2012

oh captain, my captain

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend from work about Robin Williams films and he was dismayed that I hadn't seen the film Dead Poet's Society. Now me and this friend have the exact same taste in everything so if he said I had to see it, I had to see it. And oh my god am I mega glad that I did.

For those of you who haven't seen Dead Poet's Society I'll give a brief explanation of what it's about:
Robin Williams is the new English teacher at an all boys school and he is mega inspiring. In a time when parents and teachers dictate the way your life goes, Professor Keating (Williams) teaches the importance of free will, free speech... just basic freedom! Some bad stuff then happens and then something good and then it ends. Not the best synopsis I know but I find that whenever I try to give a brief summary of something I always end up ruining the plot (just ask my boyfriend) so I'm just going to say that, for me, it's a must see!

If you are a fan of Robin Williams you will appreciate this, even if it is completely different to his comedies and, whilst there is a funny side to Williams' character, he acts with powerful and compelling simplicity. With moments of cheeseball acting, inspiring words and funny one - liners, this story of a bond between teacher and students and student and student is one which, if you are anything like me, will have you reaching for the tissues and yarping (inside joke for anyone who has seen the film ;) ) loudly through out! Starring Robin Williams, a young Ethan Hawke and the ever beautiful even in old age Robert Sean Leonard.

Definitely 100% love this film and 100% recommend it!