Thursday, 16 August 2012

oh captain, my captain

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend from work about Robin Williams films and he was dismayed that I hadn't seen the film Dead Poet's Society. Now me and this friend have the exact same taste in everything so if he said I had to see it, I had to see it. And oh my god am I mega glad that I did.

For those of you who haven't seen Dead Poet's Society I'll give a brief explanation of what it's about:
Robin Williams is the new English teacher at an all boys school and he is mega inspiring. In a time when parents and teachers dictate the way your life goes, Professor Keating (Williams) teaches the importance of free will, free speech... just basic freedom! Some bad stuff then happens and then something good and then it ends. Not the best synopsis I know but I find that whenever I try to give a brief summary of something I always end up ruining the plot (just ask my boyfriend) so I'm just going to say that, for me, it's a must see!

If you are a fan of Robin Williams you will appreciate this, even if it is completely different to his comedies and, whilst there is a funny side to Williams' character, he acts with powerful and compelling simplicity. With moments of cheeseball acting, inspiring words and funny one - liners, this story of a bond between teacher and students and student and student is one which, if you are anything like me, will have you reaching for the tissues and yarping (inside joke for anyone who has seen the film ;) ) loudly through out! Starring Robin Williams, a young Ethan Hawke and the ever beautiful even in old age Robert Sean Leonard.

Definitely 100% love this film and 100% recommend it!


  1. I haven't seen this film either although it is such a classic, now on my watching list.

  2. ive started a list of classics to watch and this is on it. and i love your synopsis :) x

    1. haha thanks! aw, I hope you like it :) what other films are on your list!? I'd love to watch a few more classics that I've missed out on x

  3. Definitely need to watch this! X


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