Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Aim high, hum along lady...

My aim this summer is to get fit. I used to be fit and in kind of good shape, I used to play football and run and was so sporty it was unreal. My favourite subject was P.E and I could run up the stairs without being out of breath afterwards. Now however it's a whole different story. I lost all my enthusiasm and energy a couple of years ago and since then I have done no exercise at all. Walking was the only time I did anything remotely physical (and dancing on nights out but I don't really count that). I want this to change for 2 reasons...

1 - I am sooo not happy with my body and I want to lose weight. I know the best way of doing this is eating right and getting plenty of exercise so when I'm back at Uni I want to join the gym. But I don't want to pay all that money for gym membership if I can only manage ten minutes at a slow pace on the running machine. I want to have a proper 'gym session' and to do this I need to be fit!

2 - Next year at Uni I want to join the netball team. I used to be quite good and I think it'd be fun and something that would enrich my uni experience. But I've got no chance if I collapse dying after five minutes so I really need to be fit!

I'm going to go for long walks with my dog every day that I'm available to and start jogging, first only short distances I can manage and gradually jogging for longer and longer. I'm also thinking about going swimming a few times (although I hate swimming so I'll only go if I can drag some one along with me) and I was contemplating yoga? Does anyone do yoga? Is it beneficial?

This is something I really, really want to do. I'll be so annoyed if it comes to September and I can't try out for the netball team because I'm in bad shape. I'm hoping that posting about it will give me more motivation and at the end of every week I'm going to do a round up post of what exercise I've done. Does anyone know how I can moderate how much fitter I'm getting by the way? That would be useful. Is anyone else doing anything like this? It would be nice to talk to other people trying to get fit and see what they're doing and stuff :)

Sunday, 17 June 2012

I look around, sometimes I get sad...

So I've kind of completely abandoned my blog of late. I just haven't felt like blogging or really felt like I had anything to say and have been totally disinterested and uninspired. This happens to me a lot, I fall out of love for things I previously really enjoyed, I don't bother with things I was once really excited about and I lock myself away from the world because I can't stand the thought of socialising. As I said this happens a lot because I suffer from depression and, although I'm on medication and stuff, I go through major lows when nothing makes me happy and I've recently been in one of those. Hence the reason I've been so M.I.A from here.

I am a ridiculously private person so mentioning on the internet that I suffer from depression is actually seriously daunting and scary but this is my blog where I discuss personal things and this illness effects my life in so many ways that if I didn't mention it I wouldn't be able to write about the kind of things I want to write about. Also I know I'm not the only person suffering with depression and if anyone has it who is reading this and wants to talk about it or any advice or whatever, please feel free to email me. It took a lot of love from my boyfriend and the kind words and advice from a fellow blogger for me to confront this illness and get help and I know how hard it can be to talk to anyone about it so I'd be more than happy to talk to anyone that want's talking to.

This is kind of a rushed post just saying why I've not written in so long and that hopefully I'll be back posting regularly soon. Thanks :)