Friday, 29 March 2013

I was different then I don't need them to be cool

Last Friday I got my hair cut off. I would have put pictures up of it sooner but I wanted to dye it first (which I did yesterday) before I showed it off. My hair was quite long, past my boobs, before I got the chop and now I'd say its really quite short but I love it! Most people prefer long hair and when I tell people I'm going to get all mine cut off their reaction is usually "nooo your lovely long hair!" but it's my opinion that matters and I find short hair so much easier to deal with and just all in all prefer it on me.

I don't do a lot with my hair, I'm no good at styling it so I'm not going to get annoyed about not being able to do anything with my hair now it's short and my new do' is saving me a good fifteen minutes when it comes to getting ready in the morning, good news for the lazy side of me!

I took the photos on my webcam so please ignore how awful the lighting is and how edited the pictures look, it's not a very good webcam. I just wanted to quickly snap some so I could get this post up before Easter weekend but there will better pictures when I upload more posts later on.


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous short :) Your so right, its your opinion that matters. I got mine cut too recently and I was so terrified! Haha, look lovely dear :) xxx

    1. Thanks so much! I know it is a bit scary isn't it haha xx


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