Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Charles Worthington hair product reviews

So I'm not sure what made me pick these two products up when I was in boots - maybe I'd read a review about them online or something - but whatever drew me to the Charles Worthington range on that visit, I'm really grateful that it did! 

These two products are fast becoming two of my favourite ever hair products. I don't use them every day. The Shine booster I use before a night out or on a special occasion and the Big Bounce Spray I use on nights out or when my hair is particularly limp and lifeless. I've had them since January and I've still got quite a lot of product left in each bottle so I think they are really good value for money. And, most importantly, they work!

£8.66  at Boots

The first time I used the Shine Booster, as soon as I'd dried, brushed and straightened my hair I got compliments from all my house mates on just how shiny my hair was! Now, I will admit that on this occasion I actually couldn't see any difference in my hair myself, but the praise from my friends made me give it another go and this time I really could see that my hair was so much shinier and looked so much healthier then it had before. 

To use I smear the product all over my hair before my shower and leave it on for 20 - 30 minutes. In the shower I then just wash it off and shampoo and condition as normal.

Charles Worthington Volume Big Bounce Spray
now on offer for £3.46 at boots
Volume is something I'm lacking in my hair. It's so thin and quite long, it just sticks to my head and can look pretty crap. Hair is important for me and when my hairs not looking good I feel really self concious and ugly. I've bought so many volumising products that I just feel have really not done a fat lot of good. Until this one. This is probably the new love of my life and I will repurchase and repurchase. I can't imagine not having it to hand to sort out my lifeless hair. My flat mate also has the same problem as me with flat hair and when I let her in on my new secret weapon she too fell in love with it and has purchased her own! I love this product and can honestly not fault it!

To use I lift up the top layer of my hair, spray into my roots, give my hair a quick backcomb and viola! Volume! 

Thank you Charles Worthington for these two great products! Has anyone else used these? What do you think? Any other CW products you recommend? 


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  2. This range sounds lush, such a great, detailed review. Really loving your blog x


    1. It really is, I highly rate Charles Worthington products. Aw thank you very much :) I'm glad your enjoying it x

  3. I always find that volume shampoo makes my hair more flyaway - may have to try again though!

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    1. That what is so great about these products, you can just use your normal favoured shampoo with them. No volumising shampoo needed! x

  4. ive been eyeing up Charles Worthington Volume Big Bounce Spray for the longest time, but i need to use up my aussie products first. great review xx

    1. It's definitely worth a buy! thanks :) x


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