Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Jar of Love; DIY gift

For my boyfriends 21st, as well as presents I wanted to make him something sentimental as 21 is a really special birthday. Back in February many bloggers posted about Valentines gift ideas and it was on Bambella's post (which you can find here if your interested) that I got the idea for this little 'Jar of Love'. She said she'd made her boyfriend one and I thought it would be a wonderful little gift for Adam on this special occasion.

what you will need: 

As it was his 21st, I decided to write 21 little notes to place inside (obviously when you're making your own you can put as many as you want in) and the notes consisted of all different things; things I love about him, special memories, my favourite poem, lyrics etc. I wrote the notes on a piece of paper, and folded them in to all sized pieces and placed them inside the jar. 
I then filled the jar with sweets and miniature chocolates; Love Hearts to continue the love theme and because they smell gorgeous, Star Burst because Adam likes them and as they are in wrappers they can be kept for as long as you want and chocolates from a box of Heroes because Adam is addicted to chocolate! 

The idea is that whenever he's feeling down or just wants a snack, he puts his hand in the jar gets a treat and a little note that will make him smile. It is such a simple creation, so cheap and incredibly thoughtful and I think just about anyone would love to receive a 'Jar of Love'.  It was fun to make and so so cheap, this whole thing cost me about £5 and it was one of Adam's favourite presents.

  • Remember who the Jar is for. I could have brought a more expensive and prettier actual jar but as it was for a boy I thought this plain one was best. Not too girly so when every things ran out he can use the jar for other things!

  • Be as creative as you want with the notes! Adams favourite band is Queen so I wrote him a letter filled with Queen song titles - he loved it! The more personal, the better.

  • Only use sweets, or chocolates that will not spoil.

Has any one made anything like this for a gift? Does anyone have any other sweet, simple and sentimental DIY gift ideas? 


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