Thursday, 4 April 2013

You're so money supermarket, you don't even know it: PASSION FOR FASHION 2

So Money Supermarket are running a competition called Passion For Fashion 2. To enter you have to create 3 looks for under £200 in the categories 'Casual', 'Beach/Holiday' and 'Party'. To find out more and how to enter click here :)

I've mainly entered this for fun. I don't have the best style in the world, I'm not one to follow trends I like what I like and that's what I wear, so my entries might not appeal to everyone but putting them together was so so much fun. I've never made a collage like this before but I used Polyvore and this has now kick started my addiction to it haha! If I'm being really honest its been a bit bitter sweet actually because although I've loved browsing my favourite on line shops and creating these collages I now some how have to find £516 to buy these three outfits because I have fallen madly in love with everything and I really need them! 

When shopping I like to look for a statement, expensive item and then go bargain hunting for other things to create a whole outfit so that's what I've done here and I'm really happy with the out fits I've created. Not only are they good value for money in my opinion but all the pieces I could team with other items in my wardrobe so I'd really get my moneys worth and a lot of wear of everything. 

Playsuit £44 | Crochet Vest £19.74  | Bikini top £16 | Bikini bottoms £10 | Sandals £12 | Tote bag £14.86 | Sunglasses £16 | Nail Varnish £5.27

On holiday (when I go abroad this is, I doubt I'll be getting the chance to wear anything like this in England this summer - sigh!) I really don't like to be restricted. I want light, loose clothes so I can run around in the heat and eat all I want and still be really comfortable. This play suit is perfect and beautiful and I love it so much. Totes are my bag of choice as they fit so much in and have the prettiest designs. I've been after this wolf one for ages ever since I stumbled across it on Etsy - wolves are one of my favourite animals and 'wolf' or 'wolfy' are names I often call my boyfriend so I doubly love/want this tote. Orange is my favourite colour so when I saw these River Island bikini bottoms I had to add them and when I was looking for the matching top I came across this one which is just so cool and stylish and I think goes perfectly with the orange bottoms. I'm not really keen on accessories in hot weather, I don't like anything I don't need making me hot and bothered so a pair of gorgeous sunnies, simple sandals and a little crochet vest to throw over my shoulders to stop getting too sunburnt and my outfit is complete!
I really am in love with this outfit and wish so much I'd found all these pieces before I went to Italy last year - it's the perfect combination of style and practicality in my opinion.

Crop Strappy Cami £15 | Space print skirt £26 | Wedges £65 | Clutch £30 | Bangle £2.50 | 3 Pack of Rings  £15 | Earrings £5.00 | Gel eye liner £7.99 | MAC lipstick £14 | Nail Varnish £5.27 |

I love going out and getting dressed up but I'm not one for tight body cons and glitter, it's just not really my cup of tea as I think both looks pretty awful on me. This outfit however is right up my street! I love it! It's bright and simple and not outrageously expensive which is just what I look for in an outfit. The shoes are probably my favourite part. I'm no good at walking in heels but wedges I can do and when they look like these Topshop beauties that's even better. I love this Mod Dolly vintage skirt, it's not your regular party choice and I'm pretty sure I'd be the only one wearing something like it which is perfect for me as I like to stand out a little on a night out. I love the clutch and jewellery and think they add a little bit of glam. Loose curls, a dark smokey eye, bright red nails and a red lip and I'd be all ready for a night on the town.

Jacket £45 | Blouse £31.70 | Shorts £50 | Boots £15 | Bag £35 | Bangle £2 | Earrings £3 | Lipstick £3.99 | Blush £6 

Whilst I love all three, this is probably my favourite of the lot. Maybe it's because it's the casual category so I could wear it (and mix and match the different pieces) practically every day. I chose a little picture of the Eiffel Tower for this look because me and Adam are going to Paris in June (don't get me started on how excited I am) and I can definitely see myself strolling down the Champs - Elysée in this get up. However I could also see my self running to lectures in it too (obviously after adding some thick woolly tights - I do go to  uni if Wales after all) and I think that's why I love it so much. The shorts are probably more then I would normally spend on a pair of shorts but I just love them so much and would get so much wear out of them that it would be a justifiable purchase - same with the jacket. I like buying an expensive garment every once in a while if I know I can team it with lots of things I already own and these two items would go with pretty much all of my wardrobe so they would definitely be worth the splurge. I don't know what to say about the blouse and the boots, I think they speak for themselves. I love the detailing of the shirt and how much of a bargain are the boots!? £15!! Can you believe it? They'd set you back more than double that if they were from Topshop. They're cheap, lovely and will look great with a tan! I've bought a few bags off eBay recently that have just fallen apart and all of them put together probably cost me double this Urban Outfitters bag and are no where near as gorgeous so again I wouldn't feel any guilt spending the very reasonable £35 for this beautiful, quality bag. I could fit loads in it which is perfect for casual days as I usually end up with all of Adam's crap too and it goes so well with the rest of the outfit it would probably be a crime to not add it. The jewellery is from two of my favourite stores, they're not designer or expensive but they are hand made and gorgeous and cheap and I just love everything from both sellers. The make up is fresh and girly and I think will work really well with this look.

What do you think of my outfits? Would you wear any of them? Have any of you entered this competition?


  1. love all the looks, but party one i guess is my favorite , pretty colors;)X


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