Monday, 8 April 2013

Tiptoe through the tulips with me

Hello guys!
The sun was out, the air was warm and for me that meant one thing... long rambles in the country side with the dogs! Hopefully this isn't the last we see of the sun, it looks like England has finally realised it's spring time and the weather is getting its act into gear.

Firstly on Saturday me and Adam took his dog Lenny for a long walk through the fields and by the river and then on Saturday my family and I took our beautiful border collie Shay to Kingsbury Water Park for the afternoon. I loved both days, especially Sunday. Kingsbury Water Park is a lovely place, particularly on a warm weekend as it is full of families with young children, old couples and dog owners and just has a really wonderful atmosphere, perfect day out when you bring a picnic along!  Unfortunately Shay hurt his leg towards the end of the walk and has been hobbling about on it ever since which, although a little bit funny, is so sad to watch. It should have sorted itself out by tomorrow we're hoping and it doesn't seem to be anything series but the poor little mite has been in the wars a bit recently :( 

Saturday night was also quiz night at the cricket club in the village where Adam lives so Adam, myself, his mom, dad and sister all set up a team. We didn't do too badly, coming a respectable 9th out of 13th (made more respectable by the fact that there was joint seventh, fifth and third meaning we was technically only five spaces behind the winners) but it was a lot of fun and after all it is the taking part that counts not the winning... although if someone could please tell that to my incredibly competitive boyfriend I'd be grateful ;)

I've had a lovely weekend and I hope you all did too! What did you guys get up to?


  1. Can I just say I'm not competitive but I'm entitled to be annoyed about you saying Adele won best album of 2013 at the Brits- despite her not releasing an album last year!


  2. These photos are so beautiful! x


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