Saturday, 21 April 2012

Snap-urday #2: Today I don't feel like doing anything

Please forgive me taking awful photo's of myself, this is something completely foreign to me and I'm hoping I'll get better over time - one day it might be funny looking back to these first couple of awful ones. For now, this was the best of a bad bunch haha!

So I'm back in Swansea! the picture above is how I looked after a long morning of travelling. We were supposed to set off at 8 so I was up at half 6, making sure I was all packed, showered and ready for when my boyfriend's family came to pick me up. However, Adam being as annoyingly lazy as he is, was only just awake at 9 o'clock so we had a bit of a late start! It was such a beautiful drive though, honestly the views you get going to South Wales from the Midlands are just stunning. If you are Welsh or live in Wales, you live in such a beautiful country and I don't think enough people give it credit for how stunning it really is! Adam's mom is a Bruno Mars fan and had his album on repeat, hence the title of today's Snap-urday haha.

I'm currently sitting alone in my room in my empty flat. None of the girls are back yet so I'm feeling pretty lonely. To make matters worse, I didn't clean my room after the last night out we had here so it was full of Carling cans, vodka bottles and empty orange juice cartoons. So since getting here at 1 o'clock I've spoken to no one and have spent the time tidying my room. Not exactly the welcome back I was wanting but at least it's all out of the way and now I can just concentrate on my essay and revision for my up coming exams.. Joy!

Good news though, my loan is in! I've already placed an E.L.F order (keep a look out for posts and reviews on that) and bought my Summer Ball ticket. I'm super excited for the summer ball as it's a vintage garden tea party theme with a small fun fair and Tim Minchin will be performing!! One of my all time favourite comedians, really can't wait to see him live. This all means I'll have to buy a new dress, no complaints there though!

Positives of this past week:

+ had a nice little win on the Grand National and I used the money to treat me and Adam to the cinema and a McDonalds
+ me and Adam booked our trip to Italy!!!
+ had a lovely last week at home with my family and Adam's family

How has your past week been? Any one else a fan of Tim Minchin or have anyone impressive playing at their Uni summer balls?

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