Thursday, 19 April 2012

Rome Rome, many tears have fallen here

So in my last post I mentioned something I was going to be hopefully spending my student loan on but I didn't want to say what it was in case I jinxed it or something but my boyfriend got a big sum of money the other day from his tax rebate and so we decided not to wait 'till I got my student loan and just spend his money on... BOOKING OUR HOLIDAY TO ITALY!

Colosseum, Rome

Trevi fountain, Rome




*All images taken from Google

On the 19th September (so in exactly 5 months time, eek!) we will be flying from Gatwick to Rome, where we will spend 3 nights. Then we will travel to Florence where we will spend one night and then to Venice, where we will spend 2 nights before flying home from Marco Polo.

One of my 20 things to do before I'm 20 is to visit Italy and I can't believe I'm actually going to do it!! I have always wanted to go to Italy as it's my favourite place in the world. Silly really, considering I've never been there but it just looks so beautiful and I am sure it is not going to disappoint. To make it extra exciting we will be there on my 20th birthday so it will actually be the best birthday present ever!!

The whole trip, including the around Italy trail pass is costing us just under £400 each so not too expensive really for 6 nights in 3 amazing cities! As neither of us have been to Italy before we're not too sure on how expensive it is there so don't really know how much spending money we will need and stuff so if any one has been to these places before if you could let us know roughly how expensive it is there and perhaps recommend some things to do I'd be grateful! I'd love to hear your stories about your travels to this wonderful country. Or if your from Italy! This post really doesn't do my excitement justice but I'm literally like AHHHHHHHAKRJIJREGAHH YAYYYYYY!!!! inside and I will be for the next 5 months. Since booking it, I've spent the hours googling the three cities and deciding what clothes to take/buy! So so so excited haha.

I also want to mention Being Little's blog give away. If you're not already a follower of her blog you should be as not only does she post lovely outfits and cute decorations she also does the best give aways and this one is no exception! Definitely worth checking it out and I'd say good luck but it is so good I'm quite hoping that I win it haha.

Does anyone else have any holidays planned for this year? Or exciting birthday plans? I'd love to hear them :)


  1. Bek I am soooooo jealous! I have always wanted to go to Italy (especially Rome being the classics student that I am!). Sounds fabulous, I'm sure you two will have a great time! Have you seen the series Mary Beard is doing on Rome on tv at the moment (Wednesday nights I think?!).

    My boyfriend and I are going to Bath and then Devon for our holiday which I'm excited for and we will be there for my 20th :) xx

    1. haha I know, snap! I study ancient history so it's going to be so amazing going there to see in real life the buildings and city I learn about. Oh no I hadn't but I'll be sure to iPlayer it, thanks for letting me know! Aww they are both such amazing places you're going to have such a lovely time. It'll be lovely being there for your birthday! xx

  2. really like your blog. have an amazing time in italy. travelled all over with my family. florence is my favourite :) x


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