Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Every breath we drew was hallelujah...

So this isn't a recent holiday, me and my boyfriend went to Barcelona in August last year so almost a year a go now but I wanted to document it on this blog. I want this blog to house everything big/important/good that goes on in my life, in keeping with the 'diary' feel I've got going on, and Barcelona was a very good thing that happened and was probably one of the best few days of my life so that's why I want to do a post on it.

One of the many hidden side streets that had such stunning buildings

Sagrada Famillia - not yet complete but one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever been lucky enough to see

Just one of the many beautiful parks

More of the amazing Gaudi's famous work


One of my favourite pictures, I love how you can just walk down an average joe side street that is nothing special but at the end there's a magnificent piece of architecture, in this instance a beautiful church

My future house please, situated right on top of a large hill up from Parc Guell and consequentially having the most beautiful view of the city.
The aforementioned view!

Croissants for breakfast on our balcony :)

More beautiful architectural designs

My favourite photo from the whole trip (you might notice that an edited version is in my header) - I love the side street where the apartments are stunning, the colourful bunting and the little glimpse of one of Barcelona's beautiful architectural features you can just see at the end of the street

This last photo may not look like much but it was my favourite place in the whole city. It was a beautiful little square with four walls of different stunning buildings surrounding it. It was quiet, very few people came there and those that did sat silently, listening to the wonderful street singers that performed there. When me and my boyfriend visited it for the second time on the last day of our trip there was an amazing Spanish singer who sang my favourite ever song - Hallelujah. He was so good and the song sounded even better in Spanish. It was a beautiful moment with the sun setting down on the courtyard, me and my boyfriend spending our last hour in Barcelona after an amazing week listening to him singing. Couples all around the courtyard were looking lovingly at each other, holding hands an kissing and, as cheesy as this sounds, it was such an emotional moment. Seeing how universal love is and how people who live millions of miles apart all share those feelings of love and appreciation. It was so nice to see because it reiterated the understanding that with all the politics and the hate and the fighting going on all over the world we're all the same, we all feel the same things and we're all human. The world is such a diverse place and everyone is so different to the next person but we're all so alike too with so much in common and I really believe that if we could all jut speak the same language (not just literally) we'd be friends. Being there at that moment in time just confirmed that for me. Watching the video I took of him singing this song and the courtyard type area and the people being moved by the song still makes me a bit emotional today haha. (Sometimes I am an utter sap and turn into a giant cheese ball so I'm really sorry and do believe that this isn't going to be the last you hear of my cheesy - ness. It's probably not even going to be the last bit of cheese I write in this post haha - sorry I'm awful!)

Barcelona is a breath taking city and my awful amateur photography does not do it justice but I strongly recommend going. I would do anything to relive that week and be in that courtyard one more time and I just think that it is a city that gives you a feeling that everyone should experience once in their life. I can not explain what the feeling was but it was the best I've ever felt and the happiest I'd felt in a long long time. These photos are just a tiny select few of my faves as I took over 900 haha.

This is all my opinion obviously but I just wanted to write my opinion down so that when I'm older, I never forget how I felt after visiting this place.

Have any you ever been to Barcelona? Is there any cities that you feel like this about?


  1. Lovely pictures, sounds like you had a lovely time and it's so nice that a part of it made you feel the way it did :)
    I spent a day in Barcelona last year so only got to see a tiny part of it but I absolutely loved it there, it's such a beautiful city and I'm desperate to go back for a longer time. x

    1. Thank you, I did have an amazing time. Aww yeah, I hope you get to go back for longer! xx

  2. Such gorgeous photos! They've made me want to go on holiday even more now! I'll definitely be visiting Barcelona x

  3. The photo you're using in your header is perfect! Love the colourful bunting amongst the stones. I've been to Barcelona twice (once when I was young, the other on an art trip) but would love to go again on my own terms, it's a beautiful city

    1. Thank you, it's one of my favourite ever photos. Ah wow lucky you, would love to go back. Yes it really is :) x

  4. I've never been to Barcelona, it looks like you had a fabulous time! Love meaningful trips with someone really special :) your picture by the Sagrada is lovely! Hopefully you can go back to your favourite spot xx

    1. Yeah we really did :) aww thank you and yeah so do I haha! xx

  5. I've never really thought of barcelona as a place to visit, but it looks like such a beautiful city! Definitely on my list.



    1. It really is such an amazing city, glad it's not on your list as it is somewhere not to be missed! x


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