Friday, 4 May 2012

teeny weeny e.l.f haul

I had been after the e.l.f studio line powder brush for so long after hearing so many amazing reviews about it and so when I got my student loan through I took a trip to e.l.f. online. Of course I couldn't just buy that one brush and soon saw a few other products that I just had to have!

Eyelash curlers - £3.50

Shimmering facial whip in Spotlight - £1.50
Custom Eyes eyeshadow in shades  2502 Moondust and 2505 Mocha - £1.50 each
the famous Powder brush - £3.50
Blending eye brush - £1.50

I really like elf as a brand. Most of their products are really good and they are so reasonably priced, if anything I feel a bit like I'm ripping them off the amount of use I get from one of their items considering the amount I pay! They also have a lot of delivery discounts and stuff which makes it even better. When I bought my stuff it was free delivery so I definitely suggest you go and check their website out! 

I've used all the products and I am really impressed with them all apart from the Shimmering Facial Whip. I'm not going to say that it's a rubbish product because I've only used it twice but so far not so good as I can't really tell that it is doing anything.. but don't use that as a review or anything because as I said I have only used it twice so I might change my mind on it.
All the other products I love. I bought the eye shadows expecting them to be shimmery but they are pretty matte, not that I mind because they are lovely colours and they go so well together. The powder brush is amazing and every good review I've read/heard is definitely 100% right. It's so soft and my foundation goes on and looks so so much better using this brush then my fingers. It also makes putting it on a lot easier and I've found I don't have to use as much product. If there is anyone thinking about buying it or looking for a good foundation brush then this is your guy! Such a good quality product for such a good cheap price! 

Any of you tried/own any of these products? What do you think? 


  1. Haven't heard much at all about ELF but the prices you paid seem really reasonable! You've really tempted me Bek, can you really apply liquid foundation with the powder brush? xx

    1. Really!? I definitely suggest having a look at their website, they really are very reasonable for the quality. Yes! I honestly will never use anything else to apply foundation I don't think, this brush is so so soft and it leaves such a nice finish on the skin! Looks loads better then with my fingers xx

  2. I love how everything is so cheap, but still really good quality! I really want their eyeshadow primer and concealer! :D

    please check out my blog if you have the time!

    1. Yeah they are such value for money! I have heard lots of good stuff about their primer and wouldn't mind trying that, not heard anything of their concealer but I'm sure its as good as the majority of their other products. Of course I will check out your blog, I love reading new blogs :) xx


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