Friday, 11 May 2012

so when your near me darling can't you hear me SOS

Just a quick post while I'm in the midst of revision to ask you guys your opinion.
My summer ball is a garden party on a massive patch of grass by my Uni. It's going to be so vintage with croquet and vintage tee shops and beer gardens and a small little funfair. Gah it's going to be so good I really can't wait :)

I recently ordered this dress from Asos which I'm going to wear to the ball.

I'm going for a vintage 50ish vibe thats formal but casual but I really need your guys help on the shoes!! I don't want to be wearing massive heels but I think dress would look so much better if I was wearing a bit of a heel. I don't want major thin heels though as I'll be walking around in them all day and I'll be on grass so that wouldn't be the very best idea.

I'm leaning toward these shoes again from Asos, but I'm not sure. 
What do you guys think? Yay or nay? Are they too formal? 
They are £40 which in my opinion is a bit much for shoes but I'm willing to pay up to £40 for shoes for this occasion if I can wear them again and again. If you don't think these are quite right could you suggest anything else?

I really want to sort what shoes I'm getting out so then I can focus on what accessories and clutch bag to buy! 

Thanks guys :)


  1. They would lovely, but if you're going to spend £40 then make sure you have some outfits to wear with them!


    1. Yeah very true, going to have to make sure I get lots of wear out of them if I spend that much xxx

  2. Such a pretty dress and love the theme for your summerball! Mine is being held in a huge marquee but I went last year and can't afford to buy a whole new outfit so I'll have to wait until next year. I would deffo go for those shoes they are gorgeous and then you can accessorise maybe with a red clutch/ red bow in your hair? xx

    1. I know! I'm so excited for it. Oh no, what was the theme of your ball last year? Thanks :) Yeah I like the hair of the model so I may try to copy that with a red headscarf or something :)xx

  3. love that dress. and i love the title maid me sing that song haha x


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