Saturday, 5 May 2012

Snap-urday #4: It's you, it's you it's all for you, everything I do

Here is a picture my boyfriend took of me in the Oriental Gardens that are in the park next to our University Campus. They are just stunning and I took lots of pictures but I'll just put them in all together in one post later in the week.

This week has again been pretty quiet. I've done a fair bit of shopping (oops!) so some haul type posts will be coming soon showing you what I've bought. Wednesday was Varsity so we took a trip to Cardiff and spent all day drinking and watching the Rugby. Unfortunately we lost but I had such an amazing day with my beautiful girls that I don't really mind. On Friday I did my second 3 hour shift in the Egypt museum. It was a bit hectic as there was very few volunteers in and we had a school visiting so I was kind of thrown in at the deep end and was on my own in one of the gallery's! I had to answer questions, tidy up and ask a visitor to take her drink outside. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but for someone who is as ridiculously shy as I am it was quite a hard task and one which I feel that I aced (hope that doesn't sound big headed) and so I'm looking forward to my next shift which is next Wednesday. 

Today me and my boyfriend went to town, did a spot of shopping and stopped off at a cafe to eat a nice, greasy, unhealthy brunch. Yum! Revision starts today though :( My first exam is this coming Friday so if my posts get few and far between I am sorry but obviously revision comes first. I wish anyone else doing uni exams or any kind of exams/tests this month good luck!! 

Positives of this week:
+ Varsity!! Had such a fun day
+ Got a lot done in my training book for my museum volunteering
+ Found what I'm wearing to the Summer Ball! 


  1. Aw lovely photo! Good luck with the revision x

  2. Very cool blog! Come by and let's follow each other:)! Stay in touch xx

  3. that photo is precious! the place is beautiful and you look so pretty! :)

    <3, Mimi

    1. Yeah those gardens are gorgeous! Aw thank you :) xx

  4. amazing photo :)
    I have to say that your blog is awesome!

  5. lovely photo. really like your hair! :) x


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