Monday, 14 May 2012

Rose + Paddle #1; I think it's time for me and you, to take over the world

Rose and Paddle is, not only the name of my blog but also nicknames me and my boyfriend have for each other. I'm Rose and he is Paddle and together we do quite a lot of things, go on many outings, dates, meals, trips.. the sort of thing boyfriends and girlfriends do. So, I thought it'd be nice if I documented them, now that I've got my new camera and wrote about them on my blog. That is what 'Rose + Paddle' is going to be; a record of all the things we do together :) Tell me if you think these are boring or anything and I will stop but I think it's a nice idea :)

If you read my snap-urday post last week, you will know that me and my boyfriend talk a walk into town to have a lunch in a cafe that I'd wanted to visit as it always smelt sooo good. We walked through these amazing Oriental Gardens next to our university and had a little pre - lunch picnic of chocolate and Space Raiders crips. We made lots of little squirrell friends as we fed them our crisps and about 9 of them followed us around the park for ages until they realised we had no more. It was so cute and, as I said in my previous post about these gardens, they are beautiful and it is so lovely just to sit and relax in them.

One of our little furry friends :)



Our lovely, greasy lunch :)


  1. I love this post, and the idea of the Rose and Paddle posts- I'm looking forward to more! Your photos are lovely, the oriental gardens look gorgeous xxx

  2. Aww that is so cute that your blog is named after your nick-names! Couple time is so important and really special (just headed back home and not seeing my boyfriend for two weeks until he finishes his exams-boo :( ) seriously pretty gardens and such a cute squirrel! xx


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