Saturday, 2 February 2013


So many people have been doing posts/youtube videos with facts about themselves and I absolutely love reading/watching them so I thought I'd do my own little version. As I've already put some facts about me in my two award posts (which you can read here) and my other favourite type of video to watch is the boyfriend tag (but I'm way too shy to get in front of a camera) I thought I'd combine the two and do a  20 things about us post with a list of 20 facts about me, my boyfriend and our relationship.

1. We have been together for 3 years.

2. We are best friends.

3. We both want the same things out of life, which is pretty perfect :)

4. We have the exact same sense of humour.

5. We are polar opposites in almost everything else. If we wasn't, our relationship wouldn't work.

6. I am neat he is messy, he is laid back I am stressy.

7. Adam is a spur of the moment kinda guy. I need to have a plan.

8. I fancied Adam for about a year before he told me he liked me. I definitely did the chasing. It majorly  paid off.

9. One day we're going to have travelled the world. We've already started.

10. Our relationship is made up of hundreds of personal jokes.

11. Adam is the funniest person I know.

12. I am the funniest person Adam knows ;)

13. We spend half our time together on sporcle.

14. Adam is the worst person to play games with.. ever! He is the most obnoxious winner and the sorest loser you will ever meet. He is also a massive cheat.

15. I am the worst person to go to sleep with. I'm never tired at normal 'bed time' hours and try to keep Adam awake with me by any means possible which usually results in a wrestling match.

16. We have a trillion and 7 nicknames for each other.

17. I have the most romantic boyfriend ever. My girlfriends are all jealous of the cute things he does.

18. Adam knows me better then I know myself (as cliche as that sounds, its true!).

19. After three years we don't have a single nice photo together.

20. Adam has the best sadface, one flash of his cute pout and puppy dog eyes could get him away with murder.

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