Monday, 24 June 2013

You just use the future to escape the present

I'm feeling pretty gutted right now, because I've read everything John Green has written and I am missing the way I felt when I was reading his books. 

John Green is a beautiful author. I love the way he writes, I love the stories he tells. I love the way his writing makes me feel. Like I know exactly whats coming and I so don't want that to happen and then that doesn't happen and I'm happy and sad. Like I don't want to do anything but read his books for the rest of my life. I love that his books have made me laugh so hard and some of them have made me cry even harder.
I love his characters and I love that I have fallen in love with every single one of them and believe every single one of them and want to know every single one of them. Radar, Will Grayson, Quentin, Hazel, Augustus, Tiny, Alaska, Miles, Chip, Hassan, Colin, Margo, Lacey, Lyndsey. I would do anything to have them jump out of the book and out of mine and John's imagination and into my life. Because I love them and I know them and I want so badly to be their friends and to have conversations with them and adventures with them. That's the sign of a good author to me. The plot has to be good and the story has to grab you and make you want it to never end but most importantly, the characters need to be real and you need to love them and hate them and cry for them and feel with them and want to know them. 

I love the message his books have. All of them. They are all about different people with different problems and different heartaches, but they all convey the same message. Life can be a pile of crap and it wears us down and hurts us and changes us and, in the end, life kills us. But it is still so worth living.

If you want to meet people who will inspire you and make you laugh and make you cry and make you feel normal for feeling the way you do and say the kind of things you thought only you felt, then I recommend reading a book by John Green. Or if you want to read a book that makes you realise both how crap things are and how great things are and that the good things about life out weigh the bad a bazillion to one then I recommend reading a book by John Green. Or if you're after a book that makes you feel young and old and naive and wise and makes you laugh and cry, then I recommend John Green.

And please let me know what you think! 

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