Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Sorry that this post is pretty picture heavy but I had so many pictures of good times and fun memories from 2012 that it was hard to pick a few of my faves! I managed to narrow it down to 18, so here are my 18 favourite photos from 2012!

Had a wonderful valentine trip to London - which you can read about here 

I FINALLY went to Italy. I've been dreaming of visiting this beautiful country for as long as I can remember and this year, with my amazing boyfriend, I finally went!! Best dream come true and best week of 2012 :)
Getting ready for the summer ball with my uni girls :)
At the summer ball with Adam 

A few pictures from my fave holiday - halloween!!
Drunken accidents

Nights out with my girls :)
So lucky living so close to a beach - means plenty of birthday barbecues! 
had the best time when my best friend from home came to visit!
loved dressing up with my girls
Christmas meal with my flatmates, had the nicest starter ever!
Beautiful last day in Swansea before the Christmas holidays
Trying my first ever macaroon!! Thanks to Adam for treating me to them :)
My beautiful sister and I on Christmas day
Christmas at my aunts
Had so so much fun at my boyfriends mom's birthday party! (it was fancy dress)

Do any of you guys have any posts like this? I love reading yearly round ups, I think its so interesting to see what are the highs of a persons year that they will remember and its really nice to share your happiest moments with others in my opinion so yeah, I'd love to read any versions you guys have of the year round up :)

I hope everyone had a good 2012 and that everyone has an even better 2013!!!

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